PhD Industrial & Systems Engineering | 2019  

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Focus | Human Factors of Systems & Product Design

MS Industrial & Systems Engineering | 2018

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

MS Building Construction Science & Management | 2016

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Myers-Lawson School of Construction

Focus | Building Science, Architectural Engineering


BS Biology | 2007

Hampden-Sydney College


Book Chapters

McCoy, A.P., Zhao, D., Mo, Y., Agee, P., and Paige, F.  (2019). "Latent Relationships between Construction Cost and Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Green Buildings." Chapter 11: The Institute of Engineering and Technology's Energy Generation and Efficiency Technologies for Green Residential Buildings, Rupp, C and Ting, D. Ed.  Springer Press, UK.  

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Agee, P., Gao, X., Paige, F., McCoy, A., & Kleiner, B. (2020). A Human-centered Approach to Smart Housing. Building Research & Information. (under review). 

Paige, F., Agee, P., & Jazizadeh, F. (2019). flEECe, an energy use and occupant behavior dataset for net-zero energy affordable senior residential buildings. Scientific data, 6(1), 1-9.

Zhao, D., McCoy, A. P., Agee, P., Mo, Y., Reichard, G., & Paige, F. (2018). Time effects of green buildings on energy use for low-income households: A longitudinal study in the United States. Sustainable cities and society, 40, 559-568.

McCoy, A.P., Zhao, D., Ladipo, T., Agee, P., and Mo, Y.  (2018) “Comparison of green home energy performance between simulation and observation: A case of Virginia, U.S.” Journal of Green Building, 13 (3): 70-88.​

Zhao, D., McCoy, A. P., Du, J., Agee, P., & Lu, Y. (2017). Interaction effects of building technology and resident behavior on energy consumption in residential buildings. Energy and Buildings, 134, 223-233.

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Agee, P. (2020). "A Human-centered Approach to Residential Buildings." ANNEX 79: 5th International Symposium on Occupant Behavior. University of Southampton, UK. April 20-23.

More, S., Gao, X., & Agee, P. (2019). “Indoor Environment Sensing Techniques for Improving Occupant Health.” Proc. ASHRAE IAQ 2020: INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY PERFORMANCE APPROACHES. Athens, Greece, 14-16 September (under review).


Agee, P., McCoy, A., Reichard, G., Kleiner, B., Zhao, D., & Paige, F. (2019). "Human Factors of High Performance Multifamily Housing." Proc. ASHRAE 2019 Winter Conference. Atlanta, GA, 12-19 January.

Agee, P., Paige, F., McCoy, A., and Kleiner, B. (2018). "Macroergonomics: A Path to Understanding Net-Zero Energy Builder-developers." BEHAVE 2018: 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency. Zurich, Switzerland, September 6-7.


Zhao, D., McCoy, A.P., Agee, P., Mo, Y., Paige, F. and Reichard, G.  (2018) “Energy consumption, capital costs and paybacks of green buildings for low-income households in the United States: A longitudinal study.” 8th International Symposium on Energy; Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, August 6-9, 2018. 


Agee, P., Reichard, G., McCoy, A., Kleiner, B., & Hamm, T. (2018). "Closing the Post-Occupancy Performance Gap in Zero Energy Housing." Proc. 4th Residential Building Design & Construction Conference. State College, PA, February 28.

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Zhao, D., McCoy, A., Agee, P., & T. Ladiop. 2016. “Impacts of Housing Technology and Behavior on Energy Efficiency for Affordable Rental Housing.” Proc., Sustainability and Innovation for the Future: 41st International Association of Housing Science (IAHS),  World Congress, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal, 13-16 September.

Open Source Datasets

Agee, P., Gao, X., Paige, F., & McCoy, A. (2020, April 1). A Human-centered Approach to Smart Housing Dataset. Retrieved from

Paige, F., & Agee, P. (2019, November 29). flEECe, an Energy Use and Occupant Behavior Dataset for Net Zero Energy Affordable Senior Residential Buildings .

Industry Papers & Showcase Projects

McCoy, A. Zhao, D., Agee, P., Mo, Y., & Paige, F. (2017). “Educating for Energy Efficiency: Longitudinal Evidence of Sustained Energy Savings in Virginia’s Affordable Housing.” A Report by the Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) at Virginia Tech for Housing Virginia. October 6, 2017.

McCoy, A. Zhao, D., Agee, P., Mo, Y., & F. Paige. (2017). “Sustaining Energy Efficiency: Longitudinal Evidence of Virginia’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Properties.” A Report by the Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) at Virginia Tech for Housing Virginia. August 29, 2017.

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DOE Better Buildings Challenge. (2015). "Warwick SRO Deep Energy Retrofit."

Jones, M., McCoy, A. & P. Agee. (2015). “Economic Impact of the 2013 Virginia Housing Trust Fund.” A Report by the Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) at Virginia Tech for the Virginia Housing Alliance. February 10, 2015. [link]

Invited Keynote Presentations
McCoy, A., Zhao, D., Agee, P., Mo, L., Paige, F. and Reichard, G. (2017). “Toward the future of housing efficiency: leveraging technology, behavior, education and cost.” Keynote at INternational CongRess on Engineering and Sustainability in the XXI cEntury – INCREaSE 2017, Faro, Portugal, October 11-13, 2017.

Work Presented to Professional Audiences

Agee, P. (2019). Zero Energy Housing: Perspectives on Performance from Measured Data. Virginia Clean Energy Climate Summit, Richmond, VA, September 16-17.

Agee, P. (2019). Build it Tight, Ventilate it for People: Construction & Commissioning. Moisture Summit, Christiansburg, VA. July 29-30.


Agee, P., & Abralind, J. (2019). Commercial Enclosure Testing. U.S. Department of Energy Building Envelope Technology Research Team Technology Webinar, January, 29.

Agee, P. (2018). Human Factors of Commercial Building Automation. Virginia Energy Efficiency Council Spring Meeting. Richmond, VA, May,10.

Agee, P., McCoy, A., Zhao, D., Mo, Y., and Paige, F. (2018). “Multifamily Housing: Perspectives from a multi-year study evaluating rated versus measured performance." RESNET Building Performance Conference. Orlando, FL. February, 26-28.

Agee, P., McCoy, A., Paige, F., Zhao, D. and Y. Mo. (2017). “Sustaining Energy Efficiency: Longitudinal Evidence of Virginia’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Properties.” Virginia Housing Alliance 5th Annual Housing Credit Conference,  Richmond, VA, September, 25-26.

Agee, P., McCoy, A., Reichard, G. and Kleiner. (2017). Zero Energy Housing | Performance and Costs. Viridiant Building Science Lecture Series. Richmond, VA, August ,17.

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Agee, P. (2014). "EarthCraft Light Commercial (ECLC) Lunch and Learn. Richmond AIA, Richmond, VA, April, 10.

Agee, P, Arnold, J., Wallinga, T., Tipton, R. (2014). EarthCraft Multifamily: A Team-based Approach to Better Buildings. AIA | DC Procrastinator's Week, Washington, DC, March 24-28.

Agee, P., (2013). Options for affordable mechanical systems, materials and design that optimize energy efficiency and healthy indoor air. Healthy Buildings Workshop. Arlington, Virginia, December, 11.

Agee, P., (2013). Multifamily Net-Zero Buildings.  GreenPrints Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 14-15.

Agee, P., (2012). EarthCraft Light Commercial Lunch Lunch and Learn.  ASHRAE Richmond Chapter, Richmond, VA, December, 3. 


Research Assistant - Virginia Center for Housing Research 

Green Building Technical Manager - Viridiant (formerly EarthCraft Virginia)


Management, program development and strategic direction for the EarthCraft Multifamily (ECMF), EarthCraft Light Commercial (ECLC) and Net-Zero Pilot Programs, including the successful certification and third-party verification of 200+ projects representing 15,000+ dwelling units and commercial buildings in the Mid-Atlantic.


Management of a team of 4 staff members and a network of 20 Technical Advisors across the Mid-Atlantic.  


Development and delivery of 25-30 presentations annually reaching an audience of 400-600 industry professionals on topics related to green building, applied building science, IEQ and affordable housing at local, regional and national conferences, including the development of the EarthCraft Virginia Building Science Lecture Series delivered in live and webinar platforms.  Speaking venues include: University of Virginia School of Architecture, Georgia Tech Research Institute, The Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference, ASHRAE Richmond Chapter, AIA DC, Home Building Association of Richmond, Arlington County Government, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


Support for the Virginia Housing Development Authority’s (VHDA) shift toward financing sustainable affordable rental housing by developing policy in the Quality Allocation Plan (QAP) of the Low-income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC) resulting in the funding of 200+ projects and 15,000+ units of affordable housing development.  These efforts have been recognized nationally by Global Green USA’s QAP Analysis.  Virginia improved from a “C” (ranked 33rd nationally in 2010), to an “A-” (tied for 5th nationally and leading the southeast in 2013).  


Technical assistance to multidisciplinary project teams including design review and pre-construction meeting facilitation, energy modeling (REM/Rate), diagnostic testing (enclosure, duct and ventilation) during the EarthCraft program process and other national performance and verification 3rd party programs including Passive House, Energy Star, Challenge Home, WaterSense, Indoor AirPlus, and Home Performance with Energy Star.                                                                                      


Facilitation of market research opportunities through the EarthCraft Virginia sponsorship program to assist industry manufacturers in the development of new and improvement of existing high performance building product solutions.   Industry partners include Panasonic Eco Solution of North America (Advisory Council Member), Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling, and Ultra-Aire.


Developed the EarthCraft Virginia Net-Zero Pilot Program to provide the residential industry with a framework for designing, building and verifying site net-zero residential performance.  This first of its kind two-part program, includes design and construction verification (Net-Zero Ready) as well as a final designation (Net-Zero Certified) following the successful demonstration of one year of net-zero performance by the occupants.  Major goals of the program are to demonstrate that development of residential net-zero buildings are affordable and to increase understanding of the occupancy behaviors necessary to achieve net-zero performance by installing circuit-level energy monitoring systems.


Research in support of the Southface Energy Institute and Department of Energy’s Advanced Commercial Building Initiative including wireless, Wi-Fi-enabled data logging (temperature and relative humidity), circuit-level energy monitoring, and United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Building Enclosure Testing on a small commercial building in Charlottesville, VA.


Scientific and Professional Society Memberships

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) | HERS Rater  #4994108

Alpha Pi Mu  (Industrial Engineering Honor Society)  


2017 Building Construction Exemplary Graduate Student Award

Ragaei Abdelfattah Award

Presenting at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Golden, Colorado.

Philip R. Agee, Ph.D.
Blacksburg, VA

pragee [at]


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